When Do Broken Promises Become Fraud?

It hurts when someone else breaks a promise, you’re disappointed and didn’t get something you were expecting. But in some cases, the broken promises have a lasting impact and can be considered fraud.

So when do broken promises cross the line to becoming fraud?

What’s The Difference Between Broken Promises And Fraud?

In order to prove a fraud claim, the plaintiff’s legal team must prove that the defendant was making promises they knew would not be fulfilled at the time of making the promises to entice the plaintiff.

Usually, these broken promises turn into fraud during contract negotiations. For example, if someone agreed to pay you for a service but never intended to pay you at the time they agreed, this would be considered fraud.

Depending on the circumstance, such as in employment law, implied or expressed contracts may come into play.

Legally viable fraud cases need to show that the promise maker knew what they were saying was false; they intended to induce another’s reliance, and as a consequence, the other party suffered as a result.

Being able to prove the person never intended to keep their promise can be tricky, so cases with robust paper trails tend to fair better. When things are written down, it would be easier to argue a breach of contract in a court of law.

What Should I Do If I Think Someone Who Broke A Promise Committed Fraud?

Call the Knox Law Center immediately if you think someone you were dealing with committed fraud by failing to fulfill a promise. We offer complimentary consultations and can evaluate your case and discuss if your case has a real chance in court.

The Knox Law Center has dedicated attorneys to small business litigation, breach of contract, and more areas to help you get the support you deserve.

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