Have You Been Injured In A Hit And Run Accident?

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Leaving the scene of a car accident is illegal. If the hit and run driver is ever caught, he or she will probably face criminal prosecution. However, for the hit and run accident victim, the more pressing question is: If I don’t know the identity of the driver, where will I get financial compensation from for my medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering?

North Carolina laws are very specific with regard to the civil legal rights of hit and run victims. If you have been the victim of a hit and run accident, you may wish to seek legal advice from experienced personal injury attorneys in order to make sure you get access to fair and full financial compensation.

The Knox Law Center: Charlotte And Denver, North Carolina

The Knox Law Center is a well-established law firm with a five-decade history of providing professional legal services to North Carolina residents and businesses. We have a thriving and successful personal injury practice; our lawyers represent car accident and other injury victims in their efforts to receive a just financial settlement after a car accident. We help victims obtain compensation for unpaid medical bills, and we help with immediate questions like compensation for property damage and getting a rental car.

Compensation For Hit And Run Accident Victims

In North Carolina, compensation after a hit and run accident depends on several factors. Without assistance from a knowledgeable and protective advocate, you run the risk of accepting a financial settlement that does not fully meet your needs.

After a hit and run accident, your attorney will pursue the following avenues, among others:

  • Assisting the police with their inquiries and search for the hit and run driver
  • Compensation for property damage to your vehicle via your own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy
  • Compensation for unpaid medical bills via the personal injury portion of your uninsured motorist policy
  • A civil wrongful death lawsuit in the event of a fatal hit and run accident

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