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Criminal Defense Attorney in Mooresville

After being arrested, it’s common for people to become scared and overwhelmed about the legal process. If you or a loved one has been accused of a serious crime in Mooresville, North Carolina, then you are probably frantically searching for a criminal attorney in Mooresville who can help. Sadly, many people are unaware of how important it is to hire qualified criminal defense lawyers in Mooresville and find themselves at risk of long term imprisonment. At Knox Law Center, our legal professionals are ready to fight for your rights in the courtroom. If you’re tired of looking online for “criminal defense lawyers near me”, then you’ve found the perfect solution. Contact our office at 704-457-8149 to find out how a Mooresville criminal attorney can help you get the results you want.

Criminal Attorney in Mooresville

Do You Need to Hire a Mooresville Criminal Attorney for Your Case?

Some people are intimidated by the complex inner workings of the legal system, and they receive little to no guidance by law enforcement. As a result, many simply accept bad plea bargains because they are afraid of receiving a maximum sentence. The few who do choose to fight against the allegations will most often take a court appointed attorney who is already working on several cases and are disappointed at the lack of focus and attention they receive. When you retain the services of a professional criminal attorney in Mooresville, you’ll have a legal team that is willing to dedicate their time, energy and resources to ensuring a successful outcome.

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Going to jail or being convicted of a felony can have major repercussions. Many people lose their spouse or custody of their children and find it nearly impossible to find a good job or suitable housing after their release. The team at Knox Law Center understand how important it is for you to achieve a favorable outcome in the courtroom. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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We Have Experience Defending Clients Against a Wide Range of Criminal Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers in Mooresville have helped countless men and women who have been charged with serious crimes including drug possession, drug trafficking, assault, domestic violence, sex crimes, embezzlement, forgery, theft, breaking and entering and more. We understand how the legal system operates, and we will investigate every fact surrounding your case. If we notice any wrongdoings or mishandling, we will work toward a case dismissal. In other circumstances, we can help you get the charges dropped or create a defense strategy that will severely reduce your sentence.

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Are you looking for a qualified Mooresville criminal attorney who can help you fight for your rights? Then you’ve found the perfect solution. Call the experts at Knox Law Center today and begin your journey toward freedom. Our staff is available to address any concerns or questions you might have and can also schedule a convenient appointment for a consultation with a criminal attorney in Mooresville, North Carolina or a surrounding city.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mooresville

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Allen Brotherton is a true professional and did a fantastic job representing me. He is a very talented and experienced attorney and a joy to work with on a personal level. I highly recommend Allen and his team.

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