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Truck Accidents Lawyer In North Carolina

truck accidentsWe have a long history of expertise in truck accidents. One of our recent truck accident cases provides a telling example of how insurance companies view the victims. In this case, the truck driver fell asleep and ran into the back of our client’s car, seriously injuring him and killing a family member who was a passenger. The trucking company’s insurance adjuster arrived to the scene soon after the accident and, upon learning there was a fatality, uttered an expletive, went to his car and started making phone calls.

The insurance industry plays a vicious game, and the goal of this game in serious truck accidents cases is to minimize or eliminate what they pay out. At the Knox Law Center, our duty as lawyers is to protect your rights. With offices in Charlotte and Denver, we represent truck accident victims in North Carolina.

We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your truck accident case. Under our contingency fee arrangement, we will not charge you unless you recover.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

Trucking companies train their drivers in the use of what they call an “accident reconstruction kit.” Following truck accidents, the driver is instructed to deny fault and protect the company. Insurance company investigators are called immediately and often arrive while the injured are being transported to emergency rooms.

As soon as you retain our law firm to represent you, our lawyers will interview witnesses and preserve evidence such as the truck’s black box, driver logbooks, drug testing records and information about the driver’s background.

North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, which means that if the truck driver’s insurance company can prove that you were partially at fault for the accident, you will not be able to recover any compensation for your damages. For this reason, you should never say anything to the trucking company’s insurance company until you have first spoken with an attorney.

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Free Attorney Consultation for Truck Accidents

If you have been injured in an accident involving a heavy truck, also known as semi, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler, please call or fill out our simple contact form on this Web site. Our lawyers serve clients throughout North Carolina.

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Truck Accidents: An In-depth Look

Being the victim of a truck accident can be a traumatic experience. The scale of these accidents often results in significant injuries, emotional distress, and financial burden. As the victim, you have rights, and understanding those rights is the first step toward ensuring justice and compensation for your losses. Here at Knox Law Center in Charlotte, NC, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal representation for victims of truck accidents.

Understanding the Scope: Truck Accidents Are Not Just Large Car Accidents

Many people think of truck accidents as simply a larger version of car accidents. However, the reality is far more complicated:

  • Mass and Force: The sheer size and weight of a truck can cause catastrophic damage upon collision, far exceeding that of regular vehicle accidents.

  • Legal Complexities: Commercial trucking is governed by a slew of federal and state laws that don’t apply to regular car accidents. Navigating these laws requires specialized knowledge.

Recognizing the unique challenges presented by truck accidents is vital in constructing a robust legal strategy.

When to Contact Legal Representation: The Sooner, The Better

It’s tempting to think that you have ample time to seek legal representation after a truck accident. However, there are compelling reasons to act quickly:

  • Preservation of Evidence: The trucking company involved will often move swiftly to mitigate their liability. The sooner you act, the higher your chances of preserving crucial evidence for your case.

  • Statute of Limitations: Most states have specific timelines for filing personal injury cases, including truck accidents. Delaying legal action can jeopardize your ability to file a claim.

We strongly advise contacting a legal representative as soon as possible to protect your interests.

The Initial Consultation: What to Expect

When you schedule your initial consultation with Knox Law Center, we aim to understand the nuances of your case comprehensively. You can anticipate:

  • Case Review: Our legal experts will meticulously review the details of your accident, including any police reports, medical records, and eyewitness accounts.

  • Legal Options: Based on the initial review, we will discuss the various legal pathways available to you, be it litigation, settlement negotiation, or another course of action.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Allies: What to Be Wary Of

Dealing with insurance companies post-accident is often a daunting task. While they may appear supportive, their ultimate goal is to limit their financial exposure. At Knox Law Center, we guide you through safe interaction with insurers:

  • Initial Offers: Insurance companies may make early settlement offers that sound tempting but are often far less than what you are entitled to.

  • Statement Requests: Be cautious when giving statements to insurance adjusters, as these can later be used against you.

With expert legal representation, you can navigate these tricky interactions effectively, ensuring that you do not inadvertently harm your case.

Calculating Damages: What You Could Be Entitled To

Compensation in truck accident cases can vary significantly based on the circumstances. Typically, you could be entitled to recover:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes past and future medical bills arising from the accident.

  • Lost Wages: If the accident has left you unable to work, either temporarily or permanently, you can claim lost earnings.

  • Pain and Suffering: Emotional and physical pain, while harder to quantify, are nonetheless crucial components of your claim.

To continue reading about the steps involved in pursuing a truck accident case, including the process of filing a lawsuit, court appearances, and what to expect during the trial, please type “continue”.



The Litigation Process: A Step-By-Step Overview

Once you decide to proceed with a lawsuit, the legal machinery kicks into gear. At Knox Law Center, we guide you through each phase of the litigation process:

Filing the Complaint

Your legal representation will initiate the lawsuit by filing a formal complaint against the at-fault parties, which could include the truck driver, the trucking company, or other entities.

Discovery Phase

This is a critical stage in your case where both sides exchange evidence and information. During discovery, there may be:

  • Depositions: Oral statements under oath taken from parties and witnesses.

  • Document Requests: Both sides may request relevant documents, like accident reports or medical records.

  • Interrogatories: Written questions that must be answered under oath.

Pre-Trial Motions

Before the trial starts, both parties may file motions to determine what evidence will be admissible and whether certain issues should be decided without going to trial.

The Trial

If your case goes to trial, you can expect:

  • Opening Statements: Both sides present a broad outline of their case.

  • Presentation of Evidence: Each side presents its evidence, which could include witness testimonies, expert opinions, and documentary evidence.

  • Closing Arguments: After all evidence has been presented, each side gives its closing argument, summarizing the case and urging the jury to find in their favor.

Jury Deliberation and Verdict

The jury will consider all the presented evidence and reach a verdict. If they rule in your favor, they will also determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

The Potential for Appeal

Even after a verdict is rendered, the legal journey might not be over. The losing party has the right to appeal the decision, which could prolong the case. However, it’s essential to remember that appeals are not about re-trying the case but questioning legal or procedural errors that may have occurred during the trial.

Knox Law Center: Your Advocate for Truck Accident Cases

At Knox Law Center, we understand the profound impact a truck accident can have on your life. That’s why we commit our extensive legal expertise to fight for justice and fair compensation for our clients. With our team, you are not just another case number; you are a valued client deserving personalized, effective legal representation.

  • Client-Centric Approach: We believe in keeping you informed and involved at every step of the legal process.

  • Highly Skilled Legal Team: Our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of truck accident law and have an excellent track record in obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients

Conclusion: Your Pathway to Justice Starts Here

Truck accidents are complex, both medically and legally. By choosing Knox Law Center, you are opting for a dedicated team of legal professionals who will work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for your case. In a landscape filled with legal complexities and challenges, let us be your guiding light towards justice and compensation.


Mar 4, 2020
 by Anonymous on Knox Law Center
Exceptional Legal Representation & True Professional, Genuine Individual

I first met Allen after he was recommended to me by a friend, and I couldn't be happier with the service that he provided. He demonstrated a unique attention to detail in my case, as well as expressed a genuine interest in me as a person. Through a great deal of hard work, Allen was able to appeal my case and get all of my charges dismissed. I couldn't be more grateful for him and his assistant, Sherry, for their legal and personal support during such a difficult time. Hiring Allen was the greatest decision I've ever made, and I would recommend Allen to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.

Feb 23, 2020
 by Anonymous on Knox Law Center
The most amazing lawyer, a true gem & winner

Allen is the best lawyer I've ever met! His character is genuine, and there is a warmth about him that makes you feel so comfortable. If you ever get into a situation with DWI, and feel truly remorseful for what happened, HIRE him for the BEST chance possible. I previously spent 6000$ on an attorney who just didn't feel like they really gave me the personal care that I needed. They were only in it for the money. After hearing raving reviews about Allen, I fired my lawyer and took a leap of faith with Allen. Even though I had to pay two separate times and could not get a refund for the previous lawyer, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! He won my case with dignity, respect, and care and I am forever thankful to him for this.

m. becker
Feb 4, 2020
 by m. becker on Knox Law Center

I was falsely accused of a terrible crime that would have ruined my future. During the trial Allen was very prepared, but in addition when the false "victim" testified to some unexpected stuff. Allen was able to come up with a way on the fly to prove the witness was lying. At just the right time he jumped on her in cross-examination, and I was found not guilty! I am so glad I chose Allen as my lawyer. I highly recommend Allen Brotherton as a great lawyer.

Henry via Avvo
Feb 4, 2020
 by Henry via Avvo on Knox Law Center
I hired Allen Brotherton as my DWI attorney and it was not a mistake.

I hired Allen Brotherton as my DWI attorney and it was not a mistake. I can honestly say he is the best. I got arrested a year ago for a DWI and i hired Allen Brotherton to represent me in court and he did that to the fullest he could...My case got thrown out and i dont have a DWI on my record...i know every person is different , but i can say that he will work for you the best that he can. He treated me like i was the only client he had. I recommend him to everyone who needs a attorney for a DWI or a DUI and lives in Mecklenburg county.

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