How Can Your Concealed Carry Permit Be Revoked in N.C.?

concealed carry in NC

The Second Amendment grants U.S. citizens the right to bear arms, and many states, including North Carolina, allow individuals to carry concealed firearms under specific conditions. However, along with the privilege to carry comes the responsibility to adhere to specific laws and regulations. Failure to abide by these rules can result in your concealed carry … Read more

Does North Carolina Have Particularly Strict Anti-Drug Laws?

strict drug laws in NC

As residents of North Carolina or individuals considering moving to the state, it’s essential to understand the local laws, especially those pertaining to drugs and controlled substances. While drug laws vary greatly across the U.S., North Carolina has built a reputation for having notably stringent anti-drug regulations. This article aims to shed light on the … Read more

Attorney General Warning – Watch out for Fake Grant Scams

CONSUMER ALERT Watch out for Fake Grant Scams Tuesday, May 14, 2022 Our office has been notified of a scam involving people impersonating state government employees on social media. These scammers will claim to be with a state agency and inform you that you are being awarded a large sum of grant money. To get … Read more

Drug Addiction Caused by Excessive Prescriptions

It is well known that prescription drugs can be highly effective in treating various medical conditions and improving the quality of life for those who take them. However, it is also important to recognize that some prescription drugs have the potential for abuse and can lead to drug addiction. One way that prescription drug addiction … Read more

Avoiding Accusations of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a severe crime that can have serious consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and damage to your reputation. It is important to avoid accusations of insurance fraud, whether intentional or accidental. Here are some tips to help you avoid allegations of insurance fraud. Be honest and accurate when filling out insurance forms and answering … Read more

In NC, What “Weapons” Are Considered Deadly?

In 2021, almost 49,000 people died from gun violence in the United States. While tragic, guns are not the only weapons, that alleged criminals can use in violent attacks. In North Carolina, nearly half a dozen other “weapons” are considered deadly and either will be banned from specific places or change how a prosecutor charges … Read more

When Do Broken Promises Become Fraud?

It hurts when someone else breaks a promise, you’re disappointed and didn’t get something you were expecting. But in some cases, the broken promises have a lasting impact and can be considered fraud. So when do broken promises cross the line to becoming fraud? What’s The Difference Between Broken Promises And Fraud? In order to … Read more

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