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  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson

    Attorney Frances Knox helped my family in providing much needed legal documents. She was very prompt, knowledgeable and went well out of her way to help us. She provided excellent legal services and was very congenial and easy to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend her as an attorney.

  • Anonymous

    I first met Allen after he was recommended to me by a friend, and I couldn't be happier with the service that he provided. He demonstrated a unique attention to detail in my case, as well as expressed a genuine interest in me as a person. Through a great deal of hard work, Allen was able to appeal my case and get all of my charges dismissed. I couldn't be more grateful for him and his assistant, Sherry, for their legal and personal support during such a difficult time. Hiring Allen was the greatest decision I've ever made, and I would recommend Allen to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.

  • Anonymous

    Allen is the best lawyer I've ever met! His character is genuine, and there is a warmth about him that makes you feel so comfortable. If you ever get into a situation with DWI, and feel truly remorseful for what happened, HIRE him for the BEST chance possible. I previously spent 6000$ on an attorney who just didn't feel like they really gave me the personal care that I needed. They were only in it for the money. After hearing raving reviews about Allen, I fired my lawyer and took a leap of faith with Allen. Even though I had to pay two separate times and could not get a refund for the previous lawyer, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! He won my case with dignity, respect, and care and I am forever thankful to him for this.

  • Happy Client
    Happy Client

    You can get know better than this firm. No doubt about them being at the top lawyers nation wide. If you are in the Charlotte area you cannot get better. After being turned down by other firms Ms. Knox took the case and came back as a winner. Those guys who have their adds on the trains and bus here could not even stand in the same room with these attorneys. They make sure you are comfortable mentally and physically. Just let them do their job and they will get the job done. The best yes they are and that is a fact. Thank you Ms. Knox for being the person you are. Even when i lost faith in the case you held fast. Thank you over and over. Happy client.

  • Henry via Avvo
    Henry via Avvo

    I hired Allen Brotherton as my DWI attorney and it was not a mistake. I can honestly say he is the best. I got arrested a year ago for a DWI and i hired Allen Brotherton to represent me in court and he did that to the fullest he could...My case got thrown out and i dont have a DWI on my record...i know every person is different , but i can say that he will work for you the best that he can. He treated me like i was the only client he had. I recommend him to everyone who needs a attorney for a DWI or a DUI and lives in Mecklenburg county.

  • m. becker
    m. becker

    I was falsely accused of a terrible crime that would have ruined my future. During the trial Allen was very prepared, but in addition when the false "victim" testified to some unexpected stuff. Allen was able to come up with a way on the fly to prove the witness was lying. At just the right time he jumped on her in cross-examination, and I was found not guilty! I am so glad I chose Allen as my lawyer. I highly recommend Allen Brotherton as a great lawyer.

  • Carl S.
    Carl S.

    I wanted to write a review expressing my gratitude to Mr. Brotherton and Sherry Crump for handling my case so professionally. I received a speeding citation that would have resulted in HUGE fines and insurance premium increases. I honestly thought I was going 10-11 mph over (just enough to keep from getting pulled over on an Interstate Hwy - right?), but I also thought I was in a 70 mph zone on I-485. Well, it was actually one of the few 55 mph zones, so it was bad. I was referred to Allen by a family member who had a wonderful outcome in a prior, more serious case. Allen was able to convince the prosecutor in Court to reduce my charge of speeding down to a non-moving violation known as “Driving w/Improper Equipment”. This should result in neither insurance nor driver license points. Sherry kept me informed and calm throughout the whole process as Allen patiently waited for the right time to settle my case. I couldn't have gotten a better result. I hope to never have to contact them again, but if I do I can be assured they will do everything possible to get the best possible outcome. Having to hire a lawyer for the first time can be scary-- you can be confident that you are getting the real deal here.

  • Jamie

    They answered all my questions and provided me the highest quality of service. Allen is an experienced attorney from all accounts, I knew this going into his offices. I was pleasantly surprised his willingness to really explain his thought process in handling my case. This was very important to me as it gave me the confidence to follow his recommendations. At the end, the outcome was favorable to me. I have no doubt that it was a direct result of my legal representation

  • Philip M.
    Philip M.

    Eddie Knox is a local legend and has probably forgotten more about the law then most people will ever learn.

  • Brian

    I went through a very stressful time for most of the past year and the early part of this year, having never been through a situation like this. I had a lot of questions before and during my case because of that and not knowing what to expect. Sherry Crump and Allen Brotherton answered all of them and put my mind at ease. I hired Allen Brotherton because he has many years of experience and had many positive reviews from what I saw before I reached out to him. I am happy to add myself to the list of clients that made the correct choice in hiring him. He was able to successfully win our case and I am very appreciative of that.

  • Anna

    I got a ticket for doing 90/70, and I was very worried about the insurance points and the court costs. Allen split my attorney fee into two payments for me, and he got my charge taken down to improper equipment, so no points on my license! He also got the court to take my court costs down from $230 to $100! I am very pleased with how he handled my case, and I will definitely be calling him in the future if I need a lawyer.

  • Tracy

    Allen and I had a consultation. He immediately went into action and at that point I knew he was the lawyer for me. He kept me informed of what was going on and if I had a question I got a quick response. He was confident, knew what he was doing and won my case for me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!! Great Job Allen! Words can’t express the gratitude.

  • Lisa

    Allen is an excellent attorney, very knowledgeable and experienced. He and Sherry both kept me informed throughout the process and delivered the results that we discussed at my initial consultation.

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B.

    Knox Law Center is not only extremely responsive, but the quality of lawyers at this firm are unparalleled, and one is even the former mayor of Charlotte so his connections always astound me (Eddie Knox). Eddie, Allen, Frances, Heather, Brad, Lisa and Michael are all very well established attorneys who are clearly leaders in the legal community. In fact in my conversations with Allen and Eddie, for every case they fought together, they were undefeated...and that's considering many years of difficult cases. I also love the family environment here where it's clear the attorney's go above and beyond to do what they can for their clients. If you have a difficult case or you just want to get the best results possible for your legal situation, I would highly recommend you consider Knox Law Center.

  • Amanda

    I highly recommend Allen! Allen cares about his clients and is also very personable, not to mention he knows the law and legal systems well. I had a great experience, and have never felt so at ease when circumstances weren’t always so comforting. I have full faith that he will go above and beyond to ensure a favorable outcome for any of his clients. Thank you!

  • David R.
    David R.

    Allen and Sherry were professional friendly. Provided exceptional service and kepted us informed all along the way. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    He was very informative and knew his trade very well. He helped me understand my charges and helped me reduce them to a more than acceptable level. The law office was also very nice and the staff communicated efficiently.

  • Sheika K
    Sheika K

    I just want to say THANK YOU to Allen and Sherry for their help with my case. I have never had a traffic ticket before and they made the process very easy and painless. There was never a time that I didn't know exactly what was going on with my case. Sherry entertained and answered all of my questions truthfully. They didn't promise me anything that they couldn't deliver on. From the beginning it was "This is what we can do for you" and "We will try for this". I would highly recommend Allen and Sherry for any needs that might come up within the legal system. The two together are a DYNAMIC DUO!!!

  • Jaime G.
    Jaime G.

    Allen Brotherton and Sherry Crump are an outstanding legal team. They answered all my questions and provided me the highest quality of service. Allen is an experienced attorney from all accounts, I knew this going into his offices. I was pleasantly surprised his willingness to really explain his thought process in handling my case. This was very important to me as it gave me the confidence to follow his recommendations. At the end, the outcome was favorable to me. I have no doubt that it was a direct result of my legal representation.

  • Tim P
    Tim P

    By far one of the best, easiest, most professional, and overall customer care legal experience I have ever had. Alan and his team took great care and thorough due diligence with my case and handled it quickly and painlessly going above and beyond any experience I've ever had.

  • Cat

    Allen has worked several legal issues for me and I have never been disappointed. I have avoided a lot of insurance points! I highly recommend him and his team for all issues requiring any legal assistance! You will be happy you did!

  • SO

    I have known Allen and his paralegal Sherry since I was 16 years old due to various unfortunate legal issues over the past 22 years of my life. Allen has treated every case as a new case, as it should be. He is very genuine and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Allen is simply there to defend his client to the fullest extent of the law, no matter the severity of the case. Allen has one goal from the word go and that is to get the best, most logical outcome for his clients. The majority of the time this includes getting a dismissal or better yet winning! He clearly has a passion for helping people and he is the best I’ve ever met at doing such. I can’t thank you enough Allen & Sherry!

  • Dale R
    Dale R

    A dedicated criminal defense attorney. Would definitely recommend to friends & family.

  • Tricia P
    Tricia P

    In March of 2011 I was seriously injured at work. I had the cartilage torn completely out of my left hip socket. The doctors that my employer sent me to were dismissive, rude and unprofessional. They said my injury was pre-existing even though I had no pain prior to the accident, and their own radiologist put in his report that there was no evidence of wear and tear to my hip indicating that it was pre-existing. They put me at maximum medical improvement with no treatment whatsoever and said I was fine to return to my job as a paramedic. I was in tremendous pain. I couldn’t sleep, and most of my days I spent in tears from the agony. Eddie Knox and Heather Piercy stuck with me for over two years to get me the help I needed. Due to their efforts the Industrial Commission ruled in my favor and deemed my employer liable for my injury. Due to the delay in my treatment, (seven months) I had to have more extensive surgery and had twice the recovery time than if I had been treated initially. In addition to winning my case and getting me the help I needed, Eddie and Heather supported me emotionally and never wavered in their commitment to me when it felt like the rest of the world was against me. I would recommend The Knox Law Group to anyone. Not only are they the best attorneys anywhere, they are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege to meet.

  • Kristin K
    Kristin K

    I hired Allen Brotherton to represent me in trial regarding a 50 C No contact order against me. Not only did he get it dismissed, he was able to win the counter claim against the other party because she was harassing me. I was very satisfied with Allen's performance in court and out of court before and after the trial hearing. I would highly recommend him to others.

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    I felt as though I had known Heather my entire life from our first meeting. She is genuine and caring. She went above and beyond the call of duty for me. I cannot say enough good about her.

  • Shaka Crawford
    Shaka Crawford

    Knox law was excellent in helping resolve my case!

  • Randy R
    Randy R

    I was in a car accident and needed a personal injury lawyer. Frances and her staff handled my case very professionally and kept me informed throughout the process. They handled the interfaces with multiple automobile insurance companies as well as my healthcare insurance company. After the settlement, one of the healthcare providers tried to retroactively bill me for thousands of dollars. Rather than leaving this for me to resolve, Frances and her staff expended quite a bit of time and effort at their own expense to painstakingly trace and resolve the payment/billing issue across multiple parties. Having Frances and her staff handle my case took a tremendous burden off of me and allowed me to focus on my physical recovery. I highly recommend Frances.

  • Patricia

    I hired him after insurance company's adjuster didn't want to pay enough to cover my doctor bills. Was very pleased with final outcome. I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks Eddie Knox!

  • SP

    After moving to North Carolina, I wasn't sure who to turn to when looking for a defense attorney for my case. I was referred to Allen and I was not disappointed. Both him and Sherry were phenomenal to work with. They were both responsive and transparent through the entire process and kept me up to date on all matters regarding the case. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Allen every time. He is the best attorney I have ever worked with by far! Thank you Allen and Sherry!

  • Patricia H
    Patricia H

    Outstanding attorneys. All of them with very high success rates. No one is a stranger to Eddie Knox. They treat you like family.

  • Jennifer N
    Jennifer N

    Our family has been using Allen Brotherton for over 15 years now and EVERY SINGLE TIME HE DOES BETTER THAN I COULD EVEN HOPE FOR!! Not only does he get my case handled he got my court costs way reduced! He’s AMAZING!!!

  • Shelli

    Outstanding law firm! I have used them myself and sent many clients.

  • Stacy S.
    Stacy S.

    With all my heart I recommend Allen Brotherton to defend you in the Court of Law. He was recommended to me by a friend of friend and let me tell you I am forever in his debt . Allen is a little pricy but worth every penny. He is extremely bold, zealous and determined. He will examine your case inside and out, finding any and every alternative measure that can be obtained, executed and won. He is a fierce lawyer with an audacious demeanor, because he knows the law and knows it well. If you want a chance at making things right in your own life choose Allen Brotherton to defend and preserve that right.

  • Kay W.
    Kay W.

    Eddie Knox and his staff were there for me. Made me feel like they were my family. They kept me up to date with my case. They fought for me and they got me everything I asked for. I love this law firm. They are my attorneys from now on. I will not look to another lawyer for my legal needs.

  • Emily

    Attorney Knox helped our Family with a unexpected Crisis. She was very knowledgeable and professional. Attorney Knox explained all information and went above and beyond to help our family feel at ease.

  • James R.
    James R.

    Highly recommend Knox Law Center. Very informative & quick to get back in touch with you. Communication is a big plus in time of need.

  • Ben

    Attorney Knox was very nice to work with. Very prompt, efficient, thorough and knowledgeable. She explains items well and was very congenial throughout. She went well out of her way to provide the needed services.

  • Cheri

    Frances is a wonderful person on the inside and out. She has taken very good care of me and my daughter in our legal matters and on a personal matter's. There is no Question she will not answer for you. I would highly recommend her for all your needs.

  • Judy T.
    Judy T.

    I have worked with Allen on multiple occasions since 2006 with regards to repeated poor choices with my son. Allen has always been available, even on short notice, compassionate, understanding, and supportive, and he has always kept us in the loop with the status of the case. I know that his level of expertise is beyond compare and his reputation within legal community has gained him much respect with colleagues, the district attorney's office, and judges. I feel certain that there were several instances in our situation that would not have had a good outcome had we not had Allen. In addition his support staff is superb!!! I would recommend Allen without hesitation to anyone.

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R.

    Allen was referred to me by a colleague regarding a DWI and several other charges. After listening to the facts of my case, Allen was up front about the possible penalties but also that there were some areas that may be grounds for dismissal. I was absolutely prepared for a conviction only to have the DWI and the most serious other charge dismissed. I was amazed. Watching Allen in court, it is extremely evident that he gives respect to and receives the respect of the court. Going into court with anyone other than Allen Brotherton is a disservice to yourself. He is the best there is.

  • Very professional. Easy to work with and great communication. I would highly recommend to my friends and family.

  • Meeting with Allen, I knew we picked the right attorney. We face a difficult situation and his reassuring presence gave us hope. He and Sherry were available to answer our concerns, explain the process and made us feel we had a team standing with us. Allen and his team work hard to get this matter taken care! THANK YOU for all you do

  • I have had the pleasure of being represented by Frances Knox and Allen Brotherton. My experience with both of these highly professional attorneys has been fantastic. Frances has helped me through not one but two personal injury cases and Allen has represented me for a number of traffic violations. Their representations on each of my cases has been met with success. i would recommend Frances and Allen to anyone that is seeking a highly skilled professional to win their case.

  • They are truly great people who care and try to help you the best they can

  • I highly recommend Allen Brotherton. I was falsely accused of serious charges and he was able to prove my innocence and get all charges dismissed. Not only does Allen know the law well, he is also personable and cares about his clients. He gets back in contact with you quickly which is a huge benefit when it comes to the legal system. I have full faith that he will get any case to a favorable outcome.

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