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Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver, NC

Have you been arrested for a serious crime in Denver, North Carolina or a surrounding city? Being charged with a crime can be very stressful, whether it is for a misdemeanor or felony. So, when an individual or someone they love is accused of breaking the law, they’re first reaction is to seek out a criminal attorney in Denver who can secure a favorable verdict. We understand that your life is on the line, which is why the experts at Knox Law Center will utilize every tool at our disposal to help you receive the best possible outcome in court. If you’ve been searching for professional “criminal defense lawyers near me”, then you’ve come to the right place. Our criminal defense lawyers in Denver, NC will work hard to ensure that your case receives fair treatment and that the events surrounding your arrest and investigation are conducted with your rights and freedoms in mind. If you’re ready to get help from a Denver criminal attorney at our law office, contact us at 704-457-8149 immediately to begin the process.

Criminal Defense Attorney Denver

Common Crimes That May Come with Severe Penalties

While unpaid traffic violations and other minor infractions often result in fines or a few days in county jail, there are many criminal charges that have much more severe consequences. Individuals aren’t always that well informed about the differences between varying levels of misdemeanor crimes and felonies, and so neglect to find a Denver criminal attorney who is prepared to handle such cases. For instance, a person convicted of possessing a small amount of marijuana for a first time offense may be placed on probation, while someone with the same volume of methamphetamine or heroin could face years of incarceration. Other examples of common crimes that can lead to long term imprisonment includes sex crimes, assault, fraud, embezzlement, possession of a controlled substance, intent to distribute and more.

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Why You Need to Hire an Accomplished Criminal Attorney in Denver, NC

Since many men and women who are charged with serious crimes may be first time offenders, they often agree to obtaining court appointed attorneys. While most CAA’s do their best to provide quality services for everyone, they are frequently overwhelmed with defendants in our overloaded court system. Therefore, it’s vital that someone obtains reputable and experienced criminal defense lawyers in Denver, if they want to get the most desired outcome.

We Offer Professional Legal Services for Denver Area Clients

Our experienced attorneys will work hard to investigate every detail surrounding your case. In many circumstances, we are able to discover mishandling by law enforcement or a lack of evidence. Many of our clients have received dismissals, dropped charges and reduced sentences thanks to our team’s dedication to our local clients.

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Do you need skillful criminal defense lawyers in Denver, North Carolina? Then look no further. Call Knox Law Center today. Our friendly staff is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have and can help schedule an appointment to meet with a Denver criminal attorney as quickly as possible.

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Overall Experience: 5
/5 – Criminal Attorney Denver Pattie Doyle

I was looking for an attorney for a DWI and got a referral from someone who had a friend who had Allen Brotherton as his attorney for not one, but two cases. Both cases were won. A good out come for this case was not likely. To our amazement and tremendous joy he won the case!
I remember a time when we were at the courthouse Allen was greeted by another attorney who made a point of saying to us that we had a great attorney. That was an understatement! He is a fabulous attorney!!!

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