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Contact the Knox Law Center to schedule a consultation regarding any of the following legal issues in North Carolina:

Contract Disputes – Disputes arising from contracts or provisions within contracts.Construction Contract Disputes – Including construction loan defaults, homebuilder quality issues, fraud and deceptive practices.
Family Law Disputes – Civil matters arise from family law disputes. Restraining orders & protective orders.Child Custody Disputes – Conflicts arising from division of guardianship of a minor.
Equitable Distribution Of Property – Negotiated division of assets during a divorce, as part of a family law case.Consumer Law – Consumer protection litigation, including false advertising and un-safe products or services.
Personal Injury – Conflicts arising from the liability or negligence of another party.Premises Liability – Disputes over unsafe or unsanitary conditions in a public or private place of business.
Worker’s Compensation – Claims of workplace injury are often treated as worker’s compensation claims, which may involve a lawsuit against a company or their insurance provider.Automotive Accidents – At-fault automotive accidents carry the burden of potential civil liability claims, as part, or independent from the potential criminal liability, as in the case of a DWI.
Product Litigation – False & misleading claims, injury or wrongful death arising from the use of a commercially sold product.Trust & Wills Litigation – Litigation arising from the improper handling of assets, trustee challenges, or conflicts due to incomplete or inaccurate wills.
Contested Wills – Will or will provision appeals. Including probate and family law matters. And Many More…

Responsive, Efficient & Effective Civil Litigators

Effective civil litigation involves a comprehensive review of the facts and a creation of an effective legal strategy for clients being sued or for client’s wishing to sue another party. Knox Law Center offers decades of experience in all matters of civil law, and can help clients form a legal strategy that may meet or exceeds the original goal. We apply the right combination of creativity, hard work, and commitment to all civil litigation matters and bring a results oriented mind-set into the courtroom. Our civil litigation attorneys are responsive, efficient and effective in bringing your case a favorable outcome and accessing financial awards you & your family may be entitled to.

Civil Litigation At Knox Law

The team at Knox Law has over 60 years of this type of creative and effective strategic litigation experience. The team at Knox Law includes multiple generation of the Knox family, with deep roots in the Charlotte area’s political and legal field. Our civil litigators understand both North Carolina law and the strategic way to build a case upon a solid legal grounding built on the evidence. Call us today if you are involved in a legal dispute that may require a Charlotte civil litigator law firm to help.

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We offer free initial consultations and contingency based fees in Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation cases. Our office hours are flexible to meet the needs of our busy clients.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced North Carolina civil litigation attorney in Charlotte, contact us online or please call us today!


Mar 4, 2020
 by Anonymous on Knox Law Center
Exceptional Legal Representation & True Professional, Genuine Individual

I first met Allen after he was recommended to me by a friend, and I couldn't be happier with the service that he provided. He demonstrated a unique attention to detail in my case, as well as expressed a genuine interest in me as a person. Through a great deal of hard work, Allen was able to appeal my case and get all of my charges dismissed. I couldn't be more grateful for him and his assistant, Sherry, for their legal and personal support during such a difficult time. Hiring Allen was the greatest decision I've ever made, and I would recommend Allen to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.

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