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Have you or a loved one recently been arrested for a serious crime in Cornelius, North Carolina? You may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to find a criminal attorney in Cornelius. If you’ve been looking on the internet for professional “criminal defense lawyers near me”, then you’ve found the right answer to your legal problems. The experts at Knox Law Center have the education, training and experience needed to defend your rights in the courtroom. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, hiring accomplished criminal defense lawyers in Cornelius is essential for men and women who want their records to stay clean. Call Knox Law Center today at 704-457-8149 and get help from a reliable Cornelius criminal attorney who will passionately protect your future.

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Why Is it Necessary to Hire a Qualified Cornelius Criminal Attorney?

Being arrested can be a devastating and life altering event. Many individuals lose their jobs, develop problems in their personal relationships and are overcome with worry and anxiety. Dealing with the pressure can be a struggle, and many people allow themselves to be intimidated by the legal system. They may accept dangerous plea bargains and settlements that undermine their future, even when they aren’t guilty of the crime. In many circumstances, men and women who are accused of a serious crime may not understand what is at stake, and never attempt to retain a criminal attorney in Cornelius, NC. They are usually provided with a court appointed attorney who is overloaded with cases and will receive second rate care as a result. Don’t put your future on the line. Instead, hire an experienced attorney who will aggressively pursue justice for you and your loved ones.

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Benefits of Hiring Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Cornelius, NC

Many people who have been accused of committing crimes may accept government paid legal services simply because they aren’t aware of the severe maximum penalties that can result. Some criminal charges can result in heavy sentences including large fines and incarcerations. And others might even have a felony record that will follow them around for the rest of their lives, making it difficult to find a job, finish their degree or find suitable housing for their loved ones. Our criminal lawyers will thoroughly examine every detail of the facts and events surrounding your case. There have been many incidences when our attorneys have discovered mishandlings and had a client’s case completely dismissed and all charges dropped. We have also helped countless other defendants receive reduced penalties, so they can get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Our legal team is ready to help you achieve similar results with your case.

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Are you in need of an experienced criminal attorney in Cornelius, North Carolina or a surrounding city? Then call the experts at Knox Law Center. Our criminal defense lawyers in Cornelius, NC are ready to fight for your rights. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you might have and can also schedule an appointment to meet with a qualified Cornelius criminal attorney. 

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