Attorney Allen Brotherton Discusses What Happens After A DWI Arrest in North Carolina

By the DWI Criminal Defense Attorneys at Knox Law Center in Charlotte & Lake Norman


Well, when you’ve been just arrested for a DWI, the only thing that has great urgency is if you’ve been arrested, and you either refuse to blow on the breathalyzer or refuse to give a blood sample, whatever they ask you to do. You submitted a breath sample, and you blew a .018 or more because what happens in is you get your license revoked for an immediate 30-day revocation. There is a way if you get to me soon enough that I can file a motion, and get in front of the judge, and have that 30-day revocation rescinded, and have it wiped off your record like it never happened, and have you get your license back immediately, driving without limitation just as if it hadn’t happened.

Once the dust settles from that whole thing, then you can address the other ways to deal with your problem. Those are the things that are important. Especially if you have a commercial driver’s license, and you suffer a 30-day civil revocation, you’re going to lose your CDL, and you can be disqualified, I’ll say for a year, even if you ultimately win the DWI because of that initial 30-day revocation which where you haven’t had a hearing,  you haven’t had any chance to defend yourself, but you have to act within 10 days, or you will lose that opportunity.

If you get arrested for it, call an attorney immediately.

Immediately, because it has the window to save your license is within the first 10 days.

That’s it if you refuse a breathalyzer test or blow above a 0.15?

When you go in front of the magistrate, the magistrate will give you a pile of papers when you leave. One of those is a revocation order. You need to look at that because it’ll say you’re revoked, and they will have kept your license until you’re revoked for 30 days. Now, if you let the 10 days pass, there are still things we can do to get you back driving with a limited driving privilege from the remainder of that 30-day period. If it’s been more than 30 days you need to go get your license back from the clerk, there are things we can do if you’ve waited too long in your past of 10 days. Don’t say, “Well, I give up.” There are still things we can do.

The attorneys at Knox Law Center have been providing effective DWI criminal defense services for decades in Mecklenburg county and Charlotte, NC. Our attorneys can help navigate the confusing and expensive process of clearing clients charged with criminal offenses from their records, reinstating their driving privileges and generally helping to put the criminal charges behind them. Give our Charlotte DWI lawyers a call today to learn more about your options.

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