If you were driving a motorcycle in North Carolina and were a part of a traffic accident, it’s essential to know how the law differs for these crashes.

If you are a motorcycle accident victim, you may require a different type of legal assistance. Unlike car accident victims, motorcycle riders cannot get Medical Pay Benefits from their own insurance companies to help pay medical bills after a crash.

This means you’ll need extra financial compensation to help pay for any injuries or repairs to your vehicle.

How Can I Win Financial Assistance From A Motorcycle Accident?

If you were in a motorcycle accident, there are a few places you may be able to receive monetary compensation to help cover your medical bills, any lost wages, or motorcycle damage.

A strong legal team will help you try and recover damages from either the other driver’s insurance company or additional settlement funds from your own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

What About North Carolina’s No-Fault Rule?

It’s important to know that North Carolina enforces accident laws that if the injured person’s actions helped cause the accident, they are not entitled to any financial reimbursement. This is called “no-fault” or “contributory negligence laws.”

This means even if the accident is considered 1 percent your fault, you wouldn’t be entitled to anything in court. This is why enlisting qualified legal help will increase your chances of a settlement.

If one driver is considered entirely at fault, they must pay for the wronged parties’ damages.

What Should I Do If I’m Involved In A Motorcycle Accident In North Carolina?

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina, it’s vital to call for legal representation as quickly as possible. Call the Knox Law Center for a free consultation so that we can get started on your case quickly.

In any type of traffic accident in North Carolina, moving quickly is essential. A proper investigation of witnesses, traffic cameras, and more can determine who was indeed at fault and decide whether you receive any compensation at all.

The Knox Law Center has represented injured motorcycle drivers for more than 60 years and understands how to best navigate the motorcycle and driving laws in North Carolina.

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