Knowing Your Rights as a Motorcycle Driver

Motorcycles and cars share the road, but the rights of motorcycle and passenger vehicle drivers slightly differ regarding accidents. Even outside the rule of law, people often exhibit motorcycle bias after accidents, thinking the motorcyclist helped cause the accident. Building a solid case right after the accident will be vital to receiving the damages you … Read more

What Information Do You Need to Gather if You Have a Motorcycle Accident?

The moments after a motorcycle accident can feel hectic, scary, and cause your heart to race. However, knowing what you need to do in the moments after a motorcycle accident can help you gather the necessary information to prepare for any lawsuits and seek monetary compensation. In many motorcycle collisions, the other driver was negligent, … Read more

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Driver in a Motorcycle Accident?

The laws which govern motorcycle accidents resemble the rules of car accidents. However, motorcycle accidents occur much more frequently and do possess some unique factors. According to the federal government, since motorcycles weigh less, only have two wheels, and don’t encase the driver, accident deaths occur 35 times more per mile traveled from motorcycle accidents … Read more

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