Construction Law Basics: What Every Contractor Should Know

Construction Law Basics

The Associated General Contractors of America once boldly proclaimed, “construction is a law unto itself.” As construction contractors and professionals, understanding the intricate web of regulations, contracts, and potential disputes that make up construction law is paramount. The landscape of construction law is such that minor ignorance or oversight can result in serious fiscal and … Read more

Traffic Ticket Defense Strategies: Defending Your Driving Privileges

Traffic Ticket Defense Strategies

While a traffic violation may seem like a minor hiccup to many, it often carries heavy consequences, from debilitating financial penalties to even the loss of driving privileges. Therefore, having traffic ticket defense strategies can be crucial in preventing these harsh outcomes. One of the most effective ways to combat such offenses is through strategic … Read more

Attorney General Warning – Watch Out For Fake Charity Scams

Friday, October 13, 2023 Watch Out For Fake Charity Scams The horrific stories we are all reading about Saturday’s attack in Israel are hard to process, but our hearts go out to the innocents. During a crisis like this, you may want to donate to relief efforts. Unfortunately, scammers will stop at nothing to take … Read more

The Importance of Domestic Violence Legal Representation

Domestic Violence Legal Representation

Unexpected, severe, and chaotic. Those three words are often associated with one of society’s most pressing concerns—domestic violence. Navigating the complex landscape of the legal system can be overwhelming, underlining the vital role that Domestic Violence Legal Representation plays in such cases. The victims ensnared in this cycle of abuse, or those accused of such … Read more

Understanding Your Rights in Drug Possession Cases

Drug Possession cases

Being charged with drug possession can be a daunting experience. The legal complexities, potential penalties, and the impact on one’s future from drug possession cases can be overwhelming. However, it’s crucial to remember that every individual has rights, even when facing criminal charges. At Knox Law Center in Charlotte, NC, our expertise in criminal defense … Read more

How Commercial Law Plays a Role in Small Business Growth

Commercial Law Plays a Role in Small Business

In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, small businesses often find themselves navigating a myriad of challenges. From financial hurdles to competition, the path to growth is multifaceted. One aspect that is frequently overlooked, yet holds paramount importance, is how commercial law plays a role in small business. At Knox Law Center in Charlotte, NC, while … Read more

New Laws in NC Beginning on July 1

new laws in NC

New Laws in NC That Might Affect Our Readers Here are some new laws in NC that go into effect on July 1, 2023 that may be of interest to our readers. These were originally pointed out to us in an article by The Observer: SENATE BILL 20: “CARE FOR WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND FAMILIES ACT” … Read more

Navigating Third Party Personal Injury Claims

third party personal injury claims

Accidents and incidents can occur unexpectedly, leaving individuals dealing with the aftermath of injuries, emotional distress, and financial burdens. In some cases, the involvement of a third party can complicate matters further, requiring a careful and strategic approach to any third party personal injury claims that result. Whether you’ve been involved in a work-related or … Read more

NC DMV Extends Hours Of Walk-In Availability & Launches Avg. Wait Time Features


DMV Schedule Changes & Legislative Updates DMV Schedule Changes Increase Walk-In Availability NC Driver’s license offices now serve only walk-in customers from 12 noon until close on weekdays. Appointments are now only available in the mornings and can be scheduled up to 90 days in advance at Forty offices now open an hour early … Read more

How Can Your Concealed Carry Permit Be Revoked in N.C.?

concealed carry in NC

The Second Amendment grants U.S. citizens the right to bear arms, and many states, including North Carolina, allow individuals to carry concealed firearms under specific conditions. However, along with the privilege to carry comes the responsibility to adhere to specific laws and regulations. Failure to abide by these rules can result in your concealed carry … Read more

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