Lawyers – Doctors – Are We On The Right Track?

by Edward Knox

For many years lawyers were not permitted to advertise. Letters or phone calls to clients in peril were not permitted and solicitation was forbidden.

When the courts and the Bar Association permitted advertising, The Business Plan to get business evolved. Today, if you have been injured in an accident, you will probably receive 8 to 10 letters or more from attorneys. If that is not enough direct solicitation, you can watch slick TV ads telling you why you should pick the advertiser or your attorney of choice. They will have the accident report before you can get it.

No longer is it important about professionalism or about board certification or experience, but about how quick The Business Plan will get the victim to choose their practice.

The sad part is that many of these attorneys leave the major handling of accident claims totally to paralegals. It if becomes necessary to go to trial, many of the advertisers have poor skills to try a case. The advertisements have made jurors cynical and feel the practice of law is a joke.

Many doctors are pursing The Business Plan of practicing medicine. Physician assistants or nurse practitioners often see patients. You may see your doctor five minutes if you are lucky. If you become sick enough to go to the hospital, your family doctor does not come to the hospital. Instead you will be seen by a doctor known as a hospitalist. The hospitalist will meet you for the first time at the hospital. The hospitalist will have minimum, if any, contact with your family doctor or your medical records. You will know more about your health going in and coming out than these doctors and doctors’ offices.

The Business Plan works well for the hospitals. They can hire a staff of hospitalists and make money off of their services. The Business Plan works well for your family doctor as they can stay in their offices and see more patients earning more income.

The Business Plan for lawyers and The Business Plan for doctors are good for their practice. But isn’t the purpose of being a professional about giving services or is it about money? Insist on a doctor or lawyer who sees you personally and directs you through your case in all aspects. Pick someone who cares enough to call you back, has the skills necessary to professionally represent you and spends the time to get the results you need. Keep a journal of your medical history, prescriptions you take and get copies of your medical records and maintain them for your own peace of mind. Chose your healthcare facility well, ask questions and be firm. It’s your health!

H. Edward Knox is the managing partner with Knox Law Center located at 817 E. Trade St., Charlotte, NC 28202 and can be reached at 704-315-2363 or 866-704-9059 (Toll free). Eddie is a Nationally Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist and has over forty (40) years of civil trial experience. The firm’s website is Three of the firm’s attorneys live in Lincoln County.

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