When you suffer a personal injury, it’s hard to think about anyone else during your recovery. But sometimes, the product or location that caused your injury has affected others and is a part of a more significant problem.

When multiple people have suffered the same injury due to the same issue, your best legal option may be a class-action lawsuit to help win monetary damages.

How Do Class-Action Personal Injury Lawsuits Work In North Carolina?

When several people are affected by the same harmful or unlawful action, these victims can form a “class” and take legal action against the wrong-doer. Sometimes a class of plaintiffs can be a dozen people, other times, it can be thousands, it depends on if specific procedural requirements are met.

Class-action lawsuits exist to help the court rectify multiple legal cases based on the same problem and eliminate repetitive cases.

A single law firm would represent the entire class and provide equal representation to them all, with a few being the “face” of the case. However, many participants won’t have to do anything, and plaintiffs may opt-out of the lawsuit.

What Are The Advantages Of A Class-Action Lawsuit?

Plaintiffs can gain advantages from a class-action lawsuit because the defendant may feel more motivated to settle, in fear of going bankrupt from settling dozens of individual cases.

When plaintiffs join a class, they also benefit from pooling resources. The single law firm representing the class will have access to all the personal injuries, recruit experts to testify, and craft a cohesive case.

What Should I Do If I Suffered A Personal Injury?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, contact the Knox Law Center right away. In a typical personal injury lawsuit in North Carolina, the court sets a three-year statute of limitations from the date the injury occurs. We can help you navigate your case and search to see if any similar cases are pending.

If you already know other victims with similar injuries to yours, the Knox Law Center can help form and certify a class to strengthen your case. We offer complimentary consultations to prospective clients to provide you with a basic understanding of your case and what services we can offer.

The Knox Law Center can also help guide you if you have been contacted by a class already in progress about your rights and if you want to be included in the case or not.

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