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Domestic violence allegations can result in severe penalties that may have a major impact on your family. Assault, battery and other common domestic violence complaints are often falsely attributed to individuals during divorces and custody battles. Sadly, bias frequently comes into play during trials involving domestic situations, and many find that they are being treated unjustly during the proceedings. That’s why you need to secure an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Charlotte. At the Knox Law Center, we will stand by your side, and work hard to defend your case in court. If you’ve been searching for an accomplished domestic violence attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina, then give us a call and find out how we can help you achieve the results you want.

Understanding Domestic Abuse Charges

Domestic violence can include a wide range of criminal actions. That’s why North Carolina prosecutes individuals based upon the form of violence committed, frequently charging people with assault, battery or sex crimes. These crimes can involve severe penalties including a felony record and months or even years of incarceration. Even in cases where an individual is placed on probation, a Protective Order or No Contact order may be put in place, which means it will be against the law to see, call or have any contact with your spouse or children for a specified amount of time. Such penalties can have devastating consequences on the long term success of families, particularly if the accusations were made falsely.

Have You Been Accused of Assault, Battery or Another Form of Domestic Violence?

It’s vital to understand that being charged with a domestic violence related crime isn’t a guilty verdict. You have the right to defend yourself in the courtroom, and we will work hard to investigate every detail of the events, so you can get the best outcome for you and your family. In many situations, particularly for first time offenses, you may be provided with anger management or counseling programs that are designed to help heal your relationship and secure the future of you and your loved ones.


The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Domestic Violence Attorney in Charlotte

For many, being arrested for domestic abuse is an unexpected and tumultuous event. They are often intimidated into taking unfair plea agreements, even when they aren’t guilty, just to avoid prison time or other legal threats. In some cases, those who choose to fight their charges are provided with a court appointed attorney who is already overloaded with cases, and simply can’t dedicate the time or resources necessary to give their all. At Knox Law Center, we will put our extensive experience and legal knowledge to work for you. We have helped many Charlotte area men and women receive reduced sentences, dismissed cases and dropped charges.

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Are you struggling with a recent arrest that involves battery, assault or domestic violence charges? Then get the quality representation you need by hiring a qualified domestic violence lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina. Simply call the legal team at Knox Law Center right away. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts are ready to address any questions or concerns you might have and can schedule a time for your no obligation consultation.


Mar 21, 2020
by Ben Robinson on Knox Law Center
Excellent services provided.

Attorney Frances Knox helped my family in providing much needed legal documents. She was very prompt, knowledgeable and went well out of her way to help us. She provided excellent legal services and was very congenial and easy to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend her as an attorney.

Feb 15, 2020
by Happy Client on Knox Law Center
The Actual Best.

You can get know better than this firm. No doubt about them being at the top lawyers nation wide. If you are in the Charlotte area you cannot get better. After being turned down by other firms Ms. Knox took the case and came back as a winner. Those guys who have their adds on the trains and bus here could not even stand in the same room with these attorneys. They make sure you are comfortable mentally and physically. Just let them do their job and they will get the job done. The best yes they are and that is a fact. Thank you Ms. Knox for being the person you are. Even when i lost faith in the case you held fast. Thank you over and over. Happy client.

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