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Being charged with a crime does not have to mean you’ll be found guilty.

At the Knox Law Center, our Charlotte criminal defense attorneys work to tip the scales of justice in our clients’ favor. We use innovative legal strategies to protect our clients’ rights and minimize the impact of a criminal charge.

For powerful representation, contact the criminal defense attorneys at the Knox Law Center for a free initial consultation. We serve criminal defendants throughout Mecklenburg County.

Misdemeanor And Felony Criminal Defense

Our North Carolina criminal defense attorneys have handled the full range of criminal cases, from minor infractions and misdemeanors to serious felonies, including:

We also handle Motions to Suppress Evidence due to illegal searches by police, Bond Reduction Hearings, and Probation Violation Revocation hearings. For examples of results we have achieved for our clients, visit our Verdicts and Settlements page.

DWI/DUI /BWI Lawyers

DWI Attorneys In Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell & Lincoln Counties

Have you been stopped and charged with drunk driving or driving while impaired ( DUI/DWI)? We can help mitigate the fines and penalties associated with a DWI/DUI conviction.

Or perhaps you were boating on Lake Norman or Lake Wylie and were stopped by an officer and ticketed for Boating While Impaired (BWI). Was the officer operating within his or her legal capacity to arrest or ticket you? What were the circumstances under while you were arrested?

For questions related to alcohol related offenses, it is imperative that you contact us quickly. An arrest for DWI/BWI will automatically revoke your driver’s license for 30 days. However, with our help it can be reinstated for limited use after 10 days. In addition, we can help you fight the drunk driving charge that may increase your insurance premiums and could subject you to jail time.

Speeding Ticket Defense Attorneys

Traffic Ticket Attorneys In Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell & Lincoln Counties

Waiving your court appearance and paying a traffic ticket is never the best option; paying is the equivalent of a guilty plea, which can result in increased insurance premiums and a revocation of your driver’s license. At the Knox Law Center, we take traffic violations seriously and can help you avoid the severe penalties associated with such convictions. Our traffic ticket defense lawyers handle a variety of traffic violations from speeding tickets to reckless driving.

Drug/Controlled Substance Defense Attorneys

Drug Crime Attorneys In Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell & Lincoln Counties

Our criminal defense lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of cases involving the possession, sale and distribution of all types of controlled substances, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription medications. We have the experience and knowledge to use every available option to avoid a conviction on your record.

Property Crime Defense Attorneys

Property Crime Attorneys In Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell & Lincoln Counties

We have successfully represented clients charged with all types of property crimes, including:

  • Larceny
  • Breaking and entering
  • Unlawful concealment
  • Embezzlement
  • False pretenses
  • Credit card/financial transaction fraud
  • Forgery
  • Theft

We are ready to help you keep these charges off your record.

Contact Our Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyers

Please contact the Knox Law Center to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We work hard to keep your record clean.

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Excellent in helping resolve my case!

Knox law was excellent in helping resolve my case!

by Stacy S. on Knox Law Center
With all my heart I recommend Allen Brotherton

With all my heart I recommend Allen Brotherton to defend you in the Court of Law. He was recommended to me by a friend of friend and let me tell you I am forever in his debt . Allen is a little pricy but worth every penny. He is extremely bold, zealous and determined. He will examine your case inside and out, finding any and every alternative measure that can be obtained, executed and won. He is a fierce lawyer with an audacious demeanor, because he knows the law and knows it well. If you want a chance at making things right in your own life choose Allen Brotherton to defend and preserve that right.

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In North Carolina, domestic violence is taken very seriously by the legal system as it should be. If someone has accused you of domestic violence, you must take the matter equally seriously, especially if it’s a false accusation. A domestic violence charge can do serious harm to your reputation at best and result in a prison sentence at worst. Here’s what you need to know about domestic violence laws in North Carolina and the steps you should take after your arrest.

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In North Carolina, it’s illegal to drive under the influence of “any impairing substance,” which may include alcohol, marijuana, prescription medication or illegal drugs. However, the law has different levels of stringency depending on the type of controlled substance causing the impairment.

Amazingly, some people on the ketogenic diet may produce ketones that cause a false reading on a Breathalyzer, getting them into trouble. Learn more about the false DWI a keto diet may bring.

Attorney Allen Brotherton recently spoke with WSOC TV news about the aftermath of a $1 million local Ponzi scheme. After deep negotiations, the judge rejected the government’s request for a much harsher sentence and went below the guideline range to drop the penalty from 57 months in prison down to 37.

The debate over the pros and cons of ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber have raged since their inception in 2009. But recent data hints at a benefit that, if true, would put add a big fat plus in the “pro” column: Ridesharing services might contribute to a decrease in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests. Read on…

Knowing the steps to take immediately after an accident can help make the days, weeks and months that follow a crash a little bit smoother.

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