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Michael Knox Reviews

child custody and child support

Posted by a client, 6 months ago
I hired Michael for child custody and child support. Michael is very knowledgeable and honest with his work. Michael got me everything plus more concerning my daughters needs. I felt very confident in court with Michael by my side. I couldn’t be anymore pleased with his work and help. I will definitely recommend Michael Knox.

Very pleased with the work of Mike Knox

Posted by a Speeding Ticket client, 12 months ago
Mike Knox is very educated in his area of practice. He handled my ticket in a very timely matter. I would recommend Mike to any of my friends in Cabarrus and Rowan County. He is very professional and personable.

Knowledgeable and willing to work hard to serve you

Posted by Lisa, a Criminal Defense client, March 2013
Michael was recommended by a friend that assured me, Mr. Knox would take care of me. My case was very complex and most of the time very emotional. Michael is a very honest with his thoughts and suggestions. He is respectful and patient in times I found it hard to be. I stood in court with Mr. Knox at my side always knowing that he had MY best interest at heart. My case took many twists and turns and I was kept informed by phone and email even on weekends. Michael will be honest and fair with you; he will stand beside you and explain what is happening. If anyone needs someone to LISTEN to their issue, Michael can offer suggestions and give you his thoughts then ultimately you make the decisions. His character and integrity are no doubt obvious in the way he handles difficult situations. I wish I would have known about Mr. Knox years before, I could have prevented many costly mistakes by attorneys with THEIR best interest at heart. The judge ruled in my case, Michael presented the truth, the facts and objectively told my side on my behalf. I have always been treated kind and respectfully from his office staff and other attorneys. Michael is powerful, knowledgeable attorney to review anyone’s case. He has experience as an attorney and from the bench that gives him insight to know the right time to speak and how to articulate what he wants the judge to hear. Many thanks to this man who guided me through a horrible situation.

Personal Injury

Michael Knox is an excellent attorney. He assisted Eddie on my case and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome or impressed with the handling of the entire matter by this office. I was always well informed and at ease with my dealings with the Knox Law Office. This is truly an excellent group of law professionals and I will be referring all my future legal matters to them.
Written by Christie, a Car Accident client, March 2012

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