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Heather Piercy Reviews

Honest and Friendly

Posted by Bob, 2 months ago
I have really enjoyed working with Heather on some legal matters. She is very professional, friendly, and answered all of my questions. She is an absolutely pleasure to work with.

Great Lawyer

Posted by Stephanie, 5 months ago
Heather you were so sweet and very helpful!! From the very beginning to the end, you put my mind at ease during the stressful period. You definitely made me feel comfortable before walking into the courtroom as before I had a lot of anxiety over the whole thing. You really seem to care and were very nice. I would definitely recommend you and if I ever need a lawyer again will come see you and Eddie. Love you all – You all are so great and have been so nice and helpful to me and my kids. I am very grateful to have met you. Thank you again

My gratitude to an excellent attorney

Posted by Sheila, 5 months ago
Heather is a delightful lady just be around. The initial visit with Heather will put you at ease when you see how knowledgeable and confident she is. She was always attentive to my concerns and always seemed to be a step ahead of any issues that arose during my divorce procedure. If I could not reach her for any reason she would always get back to me in a timely manner. I must say that all the team at Knox, Brotherton, Knox & Godfrey are professional and personable people and I am more than satisfied with the results of my divorce. I would recommend Heather Piercy to anyone who is seeking to get out of a bad marriage intact. I received absolutely everything I was asking for due to her hard work on my behalf.

Personal Liability Case

Posted by a client, 6 months ago
Heather represented me in a personal liability case. She was informative throughout the process and went the extra mile to uncover past liabilities. I definitely recommend Heather to anyone seeking legal services.

I was very impressed and beyond satisfied,,

Posted by Randy, a Workers Compensation client, about a year ago
After spending most of my life in law enforcement I knew I didn’t want an attorney that felt the need to advertise on tv to get business but one that has business by reputation alone. I knew the right law firm for me immediately , Knox Law Firm. Heather Piercy was impressive and brilliant from the beginning. Ms. Piercy sat down with me for hours going through every detail of my case. After she explained the process and told me what to expect she answered all my questions. Ms. Piercy has a vast knowledge of workers compensation law. She was very prompt at return my calls and emails and kept me up to date on everything that was done and needed to be done. Towards the end of my case I told her what I felt would be a fair settlement. The settlement exceeded my expectations. If you need an attorney you can shop around , but you would be making a big mistake if you signed without speaking to her first. If I need an attorney in the future there is no question who I’m going with.

Huge Help

Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client, about a year ago
Heather helped me with a situation I had where I needed to get out of a lease due to a terrible living situation with my roommate. She kept me informed of my options and was helpful in letting me determine what I wanted each step to be. I ultimately got out of my situation with no damage/extra cost to me. She is such a pleasure to work with and a great person to have on your side!

Eddie Knox and Heather Piercy Helped Me Get My Life Back

Posted by Cyndi, a Workers Compensation client, 2 years ago
In March of 2011 I was seriously injured at work. I had the cartilage torn completely out of my left hip socket. The doctors that my employer sent me to were dismissive, rude and unprofessional. They said my injury was pre-existing even though I had no pain prior to the accident, and their own radiologist put in his report that there was no evidence of wear and tear to my hip indicating that it was pre-existing. They put me at maximum medical improvement with no treatment whatsoever and said I was fine to return to my job as a paramedic. I was in tremendous pain. I couldn’t sleep, and most of my days I spent in tears from the agony. Eddie Knox and Heather Piercy stuck with me for over two years to get me the help I needed. Due to their efforts the Industrial Commission ruled in my favor and deemed my employer liable for my injury. Due to the delay in my treatment, (seven months) I had to have more extensive surgery and had twice the recovery time than if I had been treated initially. In addition to winning my case and getting me the help I needed, Eddie and Heather supported me emotionally and never waivered in their commitment to me when it felt like the rest of the world was against me. I would recommend The Knox Law Group to anyone. Not only are they the best attorneys anywhere, they are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege to meet.


Posted by Brad, a Landlord & Tenant client, 2 years ago
I felt as though I had known Heather my entire life from our first meeting. She is genuine and caring. She went above and beyond the call of duty for me. I cannot say enough good about her.

Recent lawsuit

Posted by Scott, a Debt Collection client, 2 years ago
Heather Piercy did a fantastic job handling a sticky situation for me and interacting with the plaintiff. The results of her efforts were favorable towards my cause. I was very pleased to have Heather on my team and would highly recommend her to others. Thank You Heather!

My Workers Comp Claim

Posted by Donald, a Workers Compensation client, March, 2013
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with several legal services… Heather Piercy Is a wealth of knowledge, and a wonderful asset to any case. Thank You again Mrs., Piercy for all of your help and support…

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