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Eddie Knox Reviews

The Best

Posted by Kay, 5 months ago
Eddie Knox and his staff were there for me. Made me feel like they were my family. They kept me up to date with my case. They fought for me and they got me everything I asked for. I love this law firm. They are my attorneys from now on. I will not look to another lawyer for my legal needs.

Insurance isn’t Always on Your Side, but Attorney Knox is!!

Posted by Liz, a Personal Injury client, 7 months ago
I was recently involved in a motor vehicle collision. I was the passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by another driver. It happened on a Thursday. By Monday, I had not hear a word from either party’s insurance company and I was beginning to feel like no one cared. I called Knox Law Center and was able to get an appointment that afternoon with Attorney Knox. Immediately, he and his assistant made me feel welcome and that they truly cared about my particular case. After getting all of the needed information regarding who, what, and where, Attorney Knox advised me of my options moving forward. I knew from the moment he shook my hand that I wanted him to represent me, and I left that day with him on my side and feeling like finally, someone cared and would fight for me. Since that day, I’ve had several questions, asked via email, which have been promptly answered in such a way that I understand- not just “lawyer speak.” I HIGHLY recommend Knox Law Center and especially Attorney Knox! If you’ve been in a collision, do not wait! Call them and get representation by some of THE BEST in the area!! You won’t regret it!

Excellent attorney

Posted by a Wrongful Death client, about a year ago
Eddie and his paralegal, Kathi, were outstanding. Very knowledgeable about law and my father’s memory was treated with respect and kindness.

Persistent , knowledgeable, and In the Know

Posted by Tracie, a Government client, 2 years ago
With the advent of our father’s death, we were left with many responsibilities . Among them was dealing with multiple government agencies. The process was grueling. And time consuming. My family turned to Eddie and his team at Knox Law Center. Not only did they make the whole process run smoothly, they eliminated the stress associated with bureaucracy. I have since used the same firm for a totally different matter, and they, too, handle your issue with complete professionalism.

“If you need a good lawyer, Eddie is the man!”
“Eddie Knox handled our case for wrongful death of our daughter. He did an excellent job!! His team worked really hard on this case. If you need a good lawyer, Eddie is the man!! Thank you Eddie and Cathy!!”
Written by Deborah Allen, Wrongful Death Client, posted on June 2012

Mr. Knox is very good at his career. He will fight with the best opposing lawyers that are treating you like you are nobody. Mr. Knox and his staff are more that employees of your, they are family. The staff along with Mr. Knox are dedicated to ensure you that you will be getting your fair settlement. I was expecting a settlement for pennies, and Mr. Knox made sure I got DOLLARS. I would recommend that any client in need of a fair shake on their rights be using this attorney. Thanks so much for making sure I will be re-educated so I can get back to work.
Written by Keith, a Workers’ Compensation Client, April 2012

“Eddie Knox is a one-of-a-kind man. A true top-notch professional with experience, intelligence, integrity who achieves not only to get the job done, but gets the job done right. From the day I met Eddie, he made me feel like I was his only client. He has handled my divorce, my company business, my personal issues and family. I recommend him to everyone. With Eddie (and his firm) on your side, you can’t go wrong.”
Written by Rebecca, a Business client, 02/2012

Personal Injury

“Haden ( Eddie ) knox handled a Personal Injury case for my family in which two members of my family were hit from behind by a bus which drove the car up under a tractor trailer. Both members survived their injuries and the family hired Haden ( Eddie ) Knox to help get our family members back to where they were before this accident occurred. Eddie handled the case in a very professional and competent manner. We were very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Eddie Knox of Knox Law Center in Charlotte, NC area.”
Written by Jim, a Personal Injury Client, 11/2011

Eddie Knox Review

“Eddie Knox is one of the brightest men I know. He has helped me out for over 27 years. If I need a lawyer, I go to Eddie Knox. I have used the Knox Law Center over 11 times, with the same excellent service.”
Written by William, a Car Accident client, 09/2012

“Would never go anywhere else for legal representation! Mr. Eddie Knox and his team are #1 in my book! They treat you with respect and care about YOU!”
Posted to Knox Law Center Facebook Page by Becky Berry – October, 2011.

Chris H. wrote:

My name is Chris. On January 19, 2010 a car made a left turn in front of me and my Harley Davidson Motorcycle in Denver, NC. I had multiple broken bones in my legs, feet and ankles as well as fractures in my wrist and shoulder. I was not able to help myself after the events that occurred on that date and I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I had hospital bills piling up, I could not work and I was in extreme pain. Most of all, my Harley Davidson was a total loss. A friend of mine told me about this law firm in Denver, NC that helped people who were in dire straits after a motor vehicle accident. He told me that they were experienced and knew how to handle difficult insurance companies and get the immediate help I needed. I called Frances and Eddie Knox. I was not able to ride in a car because of my injuries so I asked them to come to my home and did so on numerous occasions. Mostly just to see if I was okay and if I had food to eat because I lived alone. When I was able to get into a car, I went to their office in Denver not far from where the accident happened. Eddie, Frances and their staff guided me through the process of getting the medical treatment I needed, getting compensated for my medical expenses and getting compensation for my pain and suffering. Most of all, I was able to get a new Harley Davidson and ride again. They all took a real interest in me and my case and got the best results possible. To anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, give Frances and Eddie a call. You will not be disappointed and that’s what my friend told me when he referred me to Knox Brotherton Knox & Godfrey.

Bobby R. wrote:

In April, 2010 I was riding my Harley Davidson like I do just about every day I get the chance when I was struck from the rear by a man driving a pickup truck. The impact of the crash was so severe that it hurled me up in the air and pushed my bike another 46 feet down the road and also caused the airbags on the pick up that hit me to deploy. Needless to say, I was hurt. I had severe bruises all over my body so much that I couldn’t even walk or move for many days after the wreck. My bike was a total messed up scrape of metal. I found a law firm in my area that not only saw to it that I received compensation for my medical expenses, pain and suffering but also helped me get back on a new Harley Davidson. If you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to deal with difficult insurance carriers, call Frances Knox. Telephone calls to her office never went unanswered and she was always there to sort out the bad stuff and get me back on track. After having met her and her staff and knowing what I know now, I would never hesitate to call the Knox Law Center in the future for any of my legal needs.

D. Hall wrote:

“Over two years ago, I was involved in an automobile accident that left my vehicle totaled and me with lingering injuries and medical bills. The other drivers’ insurance company was ready to respond with several quick offers and high pressured attempts to settle this claim and move on. After several frustrating conversations with this company, I contacted Frances Knox (upon referral) and this has been the most satisfying relationship with an attorney and Law Firm I have ever experienced. I have found Frances, Eddie, and the entire firm to be completely professional and compassionate to their clients’ needs. The relaxed, no hurried experience of actually having face to face conversations with your attorney at their locations was a new adventure. The fact that Frances would return my phone calls on the same day, often well after business hours, speaks volumes to her dedication, commitment to her clients and the firms’ philosophy. I would never have been able to maneuver through this ordeal and obtain positive results without the efforts of Frances and the entire staff. If ever I or any of my friends have need of legal assistance, Frances Knox and the Knox Law Firm will be my first phone call. Thank you for your friendship and caring.”

T & K Parsley wrote:

“My wife and I were traveling out of town in August. In the mid afternoon, we both were involved in a terrible car accident that hospitalized us both for several weeks. Once we were both home my wife contacted Eddie and Frances Knox for help with the case. Since we were both unable to drive to Charlotte to the office, the Knox’s came to our home and went over the case and took down all available information they needed. From that time on, Eddie and Frances stayed informed with us with the entire case on whatever information needed to be brought to our attention. The Knoxes are very grateful on helping their clients and care very much for who they represent.”

J. Stambaugh wrote:

“I was pleased with the Knox Law Firm. Frances Knox was knowledgeable, caring, and represented me in a professional manner. The staff was always courteous and helpful. I was kept abreast of what was going on in my case at all times.”

S. Tart wrote:

“When my husband and I were involved in a tragic automobile accident in South Carolina, I called Frances and Eddie Knox. My husband died in that accident, and I was left with terrible injuries and scarring. The Knox firm never quit working until they secured a great settlement for my stepchildren and me. They worked with an annuity company to make sure we got the best return on our investment. This case was difficult because my accident happened in South Carolina, and I had a Florida policy of insurance and a North Carolina policy of insurance. This firm negotiated through various state laws, the complexities of stacking insurance and making sure all policies were collected upon.

The most important thing the firm did was to be there for me when I needed legal advice and when I just needed a shoulder to cry upon. No matter what time I needed to talk, they were available.”

L. Rabenold wrote:

“I have had a few attorneys in my 45 years, and your firm outshines them all. I really liked that I could call Frances Knox and she would return my call at 6:30 at night. Most people can never get their attorney on the phone. The firm stayed on top of things and gave me a secure feeling. I trusted them to do what was best for me. The staff was always pleasant; the office atmosphere comfortable and I was never rushed. My final settlement was so what I expected. I had been offered a quick settlement by an obnoxious insurance adjuster. Thank goodness I stuck with the Knox firm.”

Tim E. wrote:

“My life completely changed when my wife was hit by an 18-wheeler. The insurance company came to the hospital to assure me they were taking care of everything. To my surprise- they were-but to protect them! I called the Knox Law Center and Eddie, Frances and Lisa helped me through two years of litigation. They helped plan an annuity that would take care of my invalid wife for the rest of her life. Had they not gotten in on the case early and obtained crucial evidence, the outcome would have been a lot different. I cannot say enough about the hard work, dedication and caring of this law firm. They became like family to me and my wife.”

W. Benton wrote:

“Words will never express how grateful we are to you for the service you have done for us. The kindness and concern you have shown us is far beyond your job duties, for the past three years. This is and was a bad tragedy in our lives – you made it better. If there is a real thing called a ‘silver lining’ it has been you for me. No matter what happens from this point forward we thank God for placing you in our lives. If this is what had to happen for our paths to cross with you and Kathy, I am grateful. I’m so glad you were on this path with me. I love you guys and you will always be a part of my life no matter if I see you or not. You will be forever in my heard. Did I already say, ‘Thank you both,’?”

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