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Allen C. Brotherton Reviews

Allen’s the best!

Posted by a client, 24 days ago
Allen is so knowledgeable and really helped me throughout the whole process and even afterwards! He has helped numerous friends of mine and my sister too. Everyone who has ever worked with him will recommend him! You should too! Very affordable and has payment plans that made it easy for me to get top notch representation without paying an arm and a leg up front! 🙂

Very knowledgeable

Posted by Travis, 2 months ago
Very professional. Allen knows the laws as it pertains to each case and he takes each individual case very serious. He and his office staff are very responsive and helpful in answering questions and keeps you informed. His services are affordable and he does not nickel and dime you for every question. He is fair and honest.

Outstanding in every way and got the best outcome possible

Posted by a client, 2 months ago
I trust Allen and his team explicitly. They led me through the legal process and always had my best interests at heart. I would highly, highly recommend him.

My Experience with Allen Brotherton,Esquire

Posted by George, 6 months ago
I consider it an honor to offer my opinion on the professional services which I have received from Allen Brotherton. He has been knowledgeable and provided me with all outcomes, the best to the worse and kept me informed and prepared every step of the way. I was particularly impressed in the manner in which he formulated a defensive strategy for me using an esoteric piece of case law for my defense. I trust him and would highly recommend him for any legal services which one may require.

Need Traffic Ticket Help? Allen Brotherton is Your Man!

Posted by Liz, a Speeding Ticket client, 7 months ago
I HIGHLY recommend Allen Brotherton to anyone seeking representation for a traffic citation! I had an issue and had no idea where to even begin. Right away, the staff at Knox Law Center made me feel welcome and at ease. Not long after I arrived at the office, I was escorted to Attorney Brotherton’s office for my consultation. After asking me several questions relating to my particular case, he offered me his professional advice and what my next steps to take were. I had a lot of questions and he took the time to carefully answer each one of them without making me feel rushed. I’m happy to report things in court went well and I did not even have to appear; Attorney Brotherton handled it all on my behalf. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with this particular attorney and the firm!

The best lawyer in town!

Posted by a client, 8 months ago
Helpful, professional and knowledgeable. Brotherton knows what he is doing and will get the job done for you! I was so pleased with the outcome of my case and I have Brotherton to thank for that. Knox Law is definitely the best firm in town and I am so happy I decided to have Brotherton represent me.


Posted by Kevin, a DUI client, 8 months ago
Allen was referred to me by a colleague regarding a DWI and several other related charges that occurred in Nov 2013. I had absolutely no expectations other than needing representation to help me navigate the process and hopefully mitigate sentencing. After listening to the facts of my case, Allen was up front about the possible penalties but also that there were some areas that may be grounds for dismissal. Going into court that day, I was absolutely prepared for a conviction only to have the DWI and the most serious other charge dismissed. I was amazed. Watching Allen in court along with other lawyers and ADA’s, it is extremely evident that he gives respect to and receives the respect of the court. Going into court with anyone other than Allen Brotherton is a disservice to yourself. He is the best there is.

Client Richard K

Posted by Richard, a Criminal Defense client, 8 months ago
Mr. Brotherton has handled cases for me and my family. We have referred him to other people with legal problems and they have all been satisfied. Mr. Brotherton and S. Crumb have kept us updated and informed as to the activity of all issues. I would refer him to my family.

Best Defense Attorney in Charlotte!

Posted by a Criminal Defense client, 9 months ago
I have always used Allen for my traffic issues and he has always amazed me with what he can do. I trust him and he always comes through for me. His demeanor and charisma in the courtroom are second to none. You will always be in the best hands with Allen representing you! Thanks for everything Allen!


Posted by Judy, a Criminal Defense client, 9 months ago
I have worked with Allen on multiple occasions since 2006 with regards to repeated poor choices with my son. Allen has always been available, even on short notice, compassionate, understanding, and supportive, and he has always kept us in the loop with the status of the case. I know that his level of expertise is beyond compare and his reputation within legal community has gained him much respect with colleagues, the district attorney’s office, and judges. I feel certain that there were several instances in our situation that would not have had a good outcome had we not had Allen. In addition his support staff is superb!!! I would recommend Allen without hesitation to anyone.

Well Respected Lawyer

Posted by a Juvenile client, 2 years ago
Allen Brotherton and Sherry Crump were a pleasure to work with in a difficult time. Our son was issued a drinking citation. It was his first offense. Mr. Brotherton explained our situation and options fully and kept us apprised of all court dates and decisions. I checked with local police officers from Huntersville, Cornelius and Charlotte Mecklenburg about him before becoming a client. All said they had respect for Mr. Brotherton, felt he was extremely fair and told us we were in good hands. I cannot thank him enough for his time, attention to detail and his ability to get our son’s case dismissed.

Passionate Defender of your rights!

Posted by Stacy, a DUI client, 2 years ago
With all my heart I recommend Allen Brotherton to defend you in the Court of Law. He was recommended to me by a friend of friend and let me tell you I am forever in his debt . Allen is a little pricy but worth every penny. He is extremely bold, zealous and determined. He will examine your case inside and out, finding any and every alternative measure that can be obtained, executed and won. He is a fierce lawyer with an audacious demeanor, because he knows the law and knows it well. If you want a chance at making things right in your own life choose Allen Brotherton to defend and preserve that right.

Allen Brotherton is the BEST Attorney in town – Hands down!

Posted by Randall, a DUI client, 2 years ago
Being my first experience with any form of traffic violation in 30 years of Driving – I was fearful of what would happen with a DUI and reckless Op. I felt I had to get the best representation available and was referred to Allen by a previous client with a similar experience. I also had names from friends of three other reputable Attorneys. I sat down with Allen, discussed the case, met with Sherry his Paralegal – and needless to say – I had no interest in visiting with the other attorneys and hired him on the spot. There is absolutely no reason to shop around when it comes to something this serious. His knowledge and expertise is amazing, he treats you like a person and not a criminal, is incredibly professional and compassionate. Between he and his staff (Sherry) – they always kept me up to date and guided me every step of the process. My case was closed and now working on the expunging process. I can not thank Allen and Sherry enough for their efforts – All cases are different and some more tricky (like mine) and there are no guarantees – but I always knew that Allen would give me the best shot of anyone – in handling it properly!!!! Thank you!

Professional, Thorough, Compassionate

Posted by Rich, a DUI client, 2 years ago
Represented me for a DUI in Mecklenburg county. From beginning to end, extremely professional and thorough and always kept me informed as to strategy and was very realistic about my chances. Extremely tough case with at best 50/50 chance to win. He and Sherry put me at ease during this difficult time and never promised anything except their pledge to put forth the best effort possible, which they clearly did. Not only was my DUI dismissed but Allen was also able to get my Reckless Driving charge dismissed and my speeding charge reduced! Wow, far exceeded my expectations. DUI’s never easy in Mecklenburg, having an attorney of Allen’s caliber is definitely a must. Not only did he have superior knowledge of the intricacies of DUI defense but he clearly understood that sometimes bad things happen to good people and never made me feel a lesser person for having been charged. I can’t say enough about how well he represented me. Allen and Sherry are not merely the best choice, but in my opinion, THE ONLY CHOICE! Grateful and more than happy to have Allen on my side should I ever need his services again. Please do yourself a favor should you be in need and hire the best, a decision you won’t regret. Guaranteed

DUI dismissed

Posted by Shelli, a DUI client, 2 years ago
I have referred several friends to Allen. All which were charged w DUI and other traffic matters. He and his staff are excellent! Last week my friend Bruce went to court with Allen and his DUI and speeding ticket were dismissed! VICTORY!!


Posted by a DUI client, March, 2013
Mr. Brotherton did an incredible job assisting our family with a case with a DMV hearing . His expert research and courtroom presentation was excellent and we won our case .
He and his paralegal gave us the very best customer service and personal support a client could ask for. Never go to a court hearing without Mr. Brotherton on your side.


Posted by a DUI client, March, 2013
I hired Allen after being charged with a DWI. I had read great reviews and heard great things about him. I was nervous about my case because I blew 2x the legal limit and just knew it all wouldn’t be over with and put behind me for at least 6 months or longer. I got my DWI and on the very second court date, Allen got it dismissed!! He and his paralegal, Sherry, are amazing. Any questions i had was answered and I was never left out of the loop. They are a great team and would recommend Allen 100%.

Speeding Ticket on I485

Posted by a Speeding Ticket client, January, 2013
I was SO very fortunate to find Allen Brotherton.
In mid Oct. 2012, I was speeding down I485 (83/65) to my Vet in Matthews because my mind (& driving!) was on my seriously ill dog. I apologized profusely to the State Patrolman and explained why I was in a hurry – even offered to show him why, as my dog was laying in the back area of my van. He was polite and quickly processed the ticket, explaining I would have to appear in Charlotte/Meck court. Allen was able to attend court for me in Charlotte & have it totally dismissed with no insurance or license points assigned (I do have a very clean driving record). I have great respect for Allen as he helped me during a terrible time for me personally as I later lost my beloved pet. Allen took my case very seriously and gave it his full attention. His legal assistant, Sherry, was very thorough and informative – timely in all her correspondence. I believe he charged fairly too. Allen had been referred to me by a friend who also found his services incomparable. I can now see why, and I agree.

Lake Norman-Cornelius Super Review

Posted by a Speeding Ticket client, January, 2013
Allen was able to help us with our 18yr old that had drug and speeding tickets in the Lake Norman area. We felt he helped us get this kid into therapy and work out a path that resulted
in no jail time and no damage to his record for college. I would highly recommend Sherrie and Allen, they know the system and acted with patience and performed excellent negotiating skills in getting the charges reduced.

Happy client!

Posted by Ashley, a Speeding Ticket client, January, 2013
Alan Brotherton was my lawyer a few years ago and I recently received a speeding ticket. Sherry was very helpful, I never had to step foot in the office! All correspondence was through email or over the phone. Luckily my speeding ticket was dismissed. I could not be more pleased with my experience!! If I ever need a lawyer in the future, I know who to call!

Allen Brotherton Review

Posted by a Speeding Ticket client, January, 2013
I was very pleased with my experience and the outcome of my case. This is now my family’s trusted attorney.

An attorney who REALLY cares

Posted by Micah, a Speeding Ticket client, January, 2013
We called Allen in a total panic over our Son’s speeding ticket. After spending time with Allen, it was clear that he is an amazing attorney who really cared about our case.
He didn’t have to go the extra mile for us, but he did. He didn’t have to meet with us during his busy day, but he listened and offered life changing advice. He took the time to meet with our Son and explain the perils and dangers of speeding and reckless driving. Our Son took it to heart and is now back on track, driving much safer.
I would HIGHLY recommend Allen for legal representation. The world needs more outstanding men like Allen Brotherton.

Traffic Citation(s)

Posted by Carlos H, a Speeding Ticket client, January, 2013
Mr. Brotherton has represented me on two occasions involving traffic citations. Each case was handled professionally, efficiently and effectively – both dismissed. I would recommend Mr. Brotherton without reservation.

“Wonderful Service”

Allen walked me through all the steps they would take on my behalf and explained each possible outcome. They fought hard for my case and reduced my ticket so there were not insurance or license points.
Posted by Anneka, a Speeding Ticket client, December, 2012

“Traffic Citations”

Mr. Brotherton has represented me on two occasions involving traffic citations. Each case was handled professionally, efficiently and effectively – both dismissed. I would recommend Mr. Brotherton without reservation.
Posted by Carlos H., written by a Speeding Ticket client, November, 2012

Posted by Justin, a DUI client, October 2012

Mr. Brotherton represented me in court due to a d.w.i. The case took roughly 7 months and not once was I misled. He never over promised anything but he definitely over delivered. The case was dismissed. Thanks Allen for everything and hopefully I’ll never need you again, but I’ll definitely refer you anyone that needs a great attorney.

Excellent Knowledgeable Attorney

Allen was very friendly and helpful with my case. He was very well acquainted with the laws regarding my case, and I believe that this knowledge benefitted me greatly. He was confident and able to put me at ease during a stressful time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer. Also his assistant Sherry was very helpful in sorting out few issues that I had in the paperwork side of things.
Posted by a DUI client, August 2012

“In Good Hands”

I had all the trust in the world in Mr. Brotherton. He is extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to handle my son’s case. I was always kept informed on the progress of the case. He was always available if we had questions or needed information. I would certainly recommend Mr. Brotherton to anyone needing a lawyer.
Written by Susan, a former client, May 2012.

“Unbelievable Results!”

I chose Allen to represent me in Court on my DWI charge in Mecklenburg County. I am pleased to report that Allen won my DWI case and I am currently working with him to have my record expunged. I have sent many referrals to him and am very grateful for all he was able to accomplish for me. Written by Anthony, a DWI client, May 2012

“Great Lawyer, Professional Follow-Up”

Allen and his paralegal Sherry have both been very helpful the times I have needed legal help. The first was with dui charge he took care of and the second was a traffic ticket that he was able to get dismissed. I would definitely recommend using his legal services.
Written by Anonymous, a former DUI client, April 2012.

“Wonderful Results”

No one expects to beat a DUI charge in Mecklenburg county. When I first met with Allen, we brought to his attention that the jail had listed me under two different names which led to a confusion with paperwork and a delay in me getting out after my bond was posted. He used this as the crux of our argument to have the charges dismissed. In the courtroom he was amazing, picking apart the jail record keeping processes and showing the judge that there are truly problems with the system. He was affable and made his argument very clear while questioning the State witnesses without attacking them. The judge agreed with his argument and granted the Motion to Dismiss. The professionalism of Allen and his paralegal Sherry are unparalleled and I would absolutely recommend Allen to anyone I know who is facing a criminal charge!
Written by Anonymous, a DWI client, April 2012

Unbelievable Follow up and Professionalism

It was a very easy process to have Allen assist me with my issue. With my busy schedule and traveling for my job, I was able to pass this burden to him and his team completely resolved my issue. Thank you to Allen and Sherry.
Written by Anonymous, a Speeding Ticket client, 03/2012.

My wife was charged with DWI. We had a face to face interview with three different potential lawyers. All three had completely different approaches on how to handle our case. Allen was considerably more expensive than the other two….but at the end of the day my wife had a good feeling about him. Allen reviewed our case on initial contact and determined exactly the approach he would take. He never once over promised anything. He was not pushy and gave us different choices and options along the way. In the end Allen way over delivered and he ended up being the cheapest money we ever spent. He stuck to his original plan from day one and won our case. If we had lost …..I would still feel that he was worth what he charged. My opinion of lawyers has totally changed from my interactions with Allen. Two other things of note. First, he never made my wife feel ashamed of herself for what happened. Second, Allen was referred to us from a friend who basically told me what eventually came to pass….that he was a good man and a great lawyer. We were not paid to write this review. We are just calling it like it was. Thanks Allen for a job well done.
Stephen & Jane, DWI clients, 02/2012

A+++++++ all the way

“Most times when you find yourself needing a lawyer it is probably not a good time in your life. After a recommendation from several friends I went with Allen. I must say this has been the best choice I have ever made for a lawyer. I found out his vast knowledge in various areas of law and his compassion for taking care of his clients. He and his staff did all they could to make me feel at ease in a time of such unrest. A truly professional lawyer and human being and will go to the extreme to take care of your attorney needs.”
Written by Jeffrey, A DWI client, on 02/2012

If you’re shopping for an attorney…

“If you’re shopping for an attorney, especially a criminal attorney, do yourself a favor and hire the team of attorney Allen Brotherton, and paralegal Sherry Crump. Simply put, working with them is a pleasure and they win cases. I have had to ask them for help several times and never lost a single case. They were always straight forward and up-front with the strategy for winning as well as the lumps and bumps that might be encountered along the way. I always knew where I stood, and their friendly nature and confidence in their work always brought a sense of comfort to my nerve-wrenching situations – the value of which should not be overlooked or taken lightly. In the courtroom, Mr. Brotherton stands out among other attorneys. While awaiting my turn in court on several occasions, I had the opportunity to observe many …”
Written by Herbert, a DWI client, 01/2012

Speeding Ticket Rescue…

“Allen effectively researched my situation, both present and past, and determined the best course of action to minimize the financial and insurance affects. I was concerned at one point with the continuances, but Allen correctly estimated the climate and the results.
Written by Lorraine, a Speeding Ticket client, 01/2012


“Allen, Sherry and the Knox & Brotherton firm are respectable professionals. Their attention to your case and knowledge of jurisdiction provide absolute justice. Allen’s passion in success eludes a trustworthy attorney with a triumphant attitude. With Allen as my lawyer I felt protected as an American citizen.”
Written by Anonymous, a DWI client, 12/2011

Criminal Defense Attorney

“Allen Brotherton handled a case for me in Mecklenburg County District Court, Charlotte, NC. Allen and his Paralegal Sherry Crump did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend Allen Brotherton on criminal cases. If you need a lawyer you should hire the best…. Allen Brotherton.”
Written by Jim, a Speeding Ticket client, 11/2011

If you are in need of Legal Services in Mecklenburg County, I highly recommend Mr. Allen Brotherton of the Knox Law Center. Mr. Brotherton has done an amazing job with my case!!!
Posted to Knox Law Center Facebook Page by Jason Evans – October, 2011.

Best lawyer around in my honest opinion!

“Initially I hired a different lawyer and paid the retainer fee. I was then recommended to Allen Brotherton by a friend who had used him for different circumstance and was referred to him by someone else. I thought nothing of it until his name came up three more times by three different people within that same week. They had used his services for same situation as I was in and he had won all three cases and they could not say enough good things about him. I quickly made an appointment and after consulting with him, retained his services so I then had to call the original lawyer I had hired and cancelled (for a fee). I chose Allen to represent me for my DWI based on his success rate and knowledge of the laws surrounding such a case. Allen and Sherry Krump (Allen’s paralegal who is great) were absolutely wonderful to work with and very professional. I am extremely pleased with the decision I made to switch to Allen and I know that there is not one other lawyer out there that could have gotten me the judgement he was able to get based on the facts. I strongly recommend Allen to anyone that is requiring legal services. Do not even hesitate for one second. Start with the best and you will not have to second guess your decision like I did after retaining my first lawyer. Good luck!”
Written by Ryan, a DWI client, 10/2011

When You Need Only the Best

“Whenever there is a need for a good attorney Allen Brotherton is the one I trust and the one I recommend to anyone requiring legal counsel. Mr. Brotherton is extremely knowledgeable of the law and is highly respected in the legal field and the courtroom by his constituents. Allen and his paralegal Sherry Crump are a great team handling all cases with utmost professionalism. They are a team I would always want on my side”
Written by M. Brown, 10/2011

Great Job

“All I can say is that Allen Brotherton is top notch. He did a great job for me and I can’t thank him enough.”
Written by Anonymous, a DWI client, 09/2011

Excellent Experience

“Initially I was recommended to Allen Brotherton by a coworker who was also in a similar situation as myself. Prior to meeting with Allen I was also recommended to him by a few other acquaintances whom had also had positive experiences. I chose Allen to represent me for my DWI based on his success rate, professionalism, and knowledge of the law. Allen and Sherry Krump (Allen’s paralegal) were both extremely helpful and professional from beginning to end. They kept me informed throughout the process and responded quickly and efficiently to any question or concern that I had. I strongly recommend Allen to those whom may need his services.”
Written by Anonymous, a DWI client, 09/2011

Satisfied Customer

Allen and Sherry were both wonderfully helpful, professional, and very supportive during an extremely stressful time. I am forever indebted.
Written by Anonymous, a DWI client, 09/2011

DUI Dismissed!

I have referred several friends to Allen. All which were charged w DUI and other traffic matters. He and his staff are excellent! Last week my friend Bruce went to court with Allen and his DUI and speeding ticket were dismissed! VICTORY!!

Written by Shelli, a DUI Client, April 2013

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